Dear Musician !

Welcome here – I hope I can help you in your search for
anything – feel free to ask about questions like: booking in
Denmark ( or other countries for that matter )- rooms in CPH
or Budapest – on Bangkok,you name it, recording studios in
Scandinavia or Phillippines – If you need any songs on midif.,
try here as well – If you´re one of my "old " friends from my
years on World-cruises, it´ll make me happy to receive a
greeting from you.

Just click HERE for email.

Musicians, traveling to Budapest - please visit a super Jazz-Restaurant, JAZZGARDEN. ( Veres Pálné U. ) Music/bands every night from 21

Jazzmusic in Pattaya - on my e.mail

Super-piano-player in Phuket, Thailand.

First time I was in Phuket, I´ve read about a Pianoplayer who had worked for 4 presidents in US...I had to hear I went to restaurant Ban Rim Pha in Patong and was amazed...Tom could really play..I did not expect that in Phuket.

If you´re there, dont miss it. By the way, the Rest. is also worthwhile visiting; it´s one of the best in Thailand, owned by an american , also named Tom.